Bob Tabor

Web Developer

Scottsdale, AZ


Utryout is a live site built using the PHP framework Laravel. It uses MySQL, GoogleMaps API for locating tryouts within a radius, Bootstrap, Stripe API and plenty of other technologies. The site has many features including automatic email alerts.

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Colorado sports report website

Colorado Sports Report

This is a fun little site I made to get all of the most recent Colorado sports news on one page. The site was built using PHP in order to parse xml to grab the headlines and links to the news stories.

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Baseball Scores

This is a php project that shows Major League Baseball's final scores. You can select a date to view the day's scores and then view the previous or next day's scores with the navigation buttons. The file uses MLB's xml data feed to retrieve the scores.

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css project

CSS Project

This project uses HTML and CSS to recreate an artist's rendition of a website. It uses many different CSS patterns such as media objects, double box, and dual background patterns to acheive some of the effects.

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twitter project

Twitter Project

A Twitter clone using jQuery, and Handlebars.js. Visit the page and click around. The page resets with a page refresh. Notice the div classes toggling on click events. The twitter messages are placeholder templates and pulled into the HTML with Handlebars. Have fun!

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Grand Slammers | Grand County Baseball

Grand County Baseball

This is a simple WordPress site I put together for a friend of mine who helps run a youth baseball league. The non-profit loves the site and they tell me they get many compliments from other teams that check it out.

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Bob Tabor Portfolio Using Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails Project

This was one of the first sites I built. I used Ruby on Rails and really enjoyed it. It's not too fancy, but it reminds me that I would still like to learn more about Rails someday soon.

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baseball minded website

Baseball Blog

This is a WordPress site that I made for another friend of mine. He's an ex-Major League Baseball player and still loves talking about the game and helping parents and kids become better players.

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Broncos fans meet website

Broncos Dating Site

This is also a WordPress site that I was hoping to monetize. It's a dating site for Broncos fans. It still gets a few sign ups but nothing to get too excited about. This is on my list to get reengineered soon.

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curveball grip website

Baseball E-commerce Site

This is a WordPress site I built for my friend to help him sell an e-book he wrote. I was also able to help him put the book together using InDesign. He still makes some sales and the site works great!

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SCR Dodgers website

Baseball Pictures Page

This is just a simple web page I made a long time ago for parents on my son's baseball team. We were able to share our pictures with everybody taken during a super fun and exciting season.

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About Me

I worked in the civil engineering industry for over 10 years during the height of the housing boom. When that bubble burst I was presented with an 'opportunity' to change my career. I wanted to learn a skill that would allow me to enter a field that would help me create my own opportunities. I began to teach myself web development.

With no prior programming or developing experience I started watching YouTube videos, videos, reading blogs, and building some static sites. I then dabbled in Ruby on Rails, PHP, and eventually began developing WordPress sites for my friends.

My ultimate goal was to become employed as a web developer and after many attempts, I was presented with another opportunity to attend Rockit Bootcamp through the University of Phoenix. It was a great program and my development skills really started to come together. I also learned a lot about myself and gained valuable insight into the profession along with new personal development skills such as conducting interviews, resume writing, and networking.

After Rockit, I was hired by Carrington College as one of their in-house web developers in October of 2015. It's been everything I hoped it would be and more. I continue to try and learn as much as possible as I still feel that I have much growth ahead of me. I'm currently developing projects with Laravel and I also still work with WordPress everyday.

Some of the tools I picked up along the way

If you ever need any help with anything, have some advice, or know of any opportunities that I might fit in, please feel free to contact me anytime. Thank you so much and have a great day!